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Our 12th AP Probability and Statistics Grade Online Tutoring program is designed to help you get the desired grade by mastering the subject.

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This is a representative list of topics covered in our Grade 12 Math - AP Probability and Statistics program. However all our programs will be customized for the individual student.

  1. AP Probability and Statistics

  2. Probability problems with finite sample spaces

  3. Finite sample spaces - addition rules for probability distributions

  4. Finite sample spaces - multiplication rules for probability distributions

  5. Finite sample spaces - complementation rules for probability distributions

  6. Conditional probability

  7. Discrete/continuous random variables

  8. Discrete random variables

  9. Continuous random variables

  10. Mean/variance of discrete random variable

  11. Mean of discrete random variable

  12. Variance of discrete random variable

  13. Standard distributions

  14. Normal distributions

  15. Binomial distributions

  16. Exponential distributions

  17. Mean/standard deviation of normally distributed random variable

  18. Mean of a normally distributed random variable

  19. Standard deviation of a normally distributed random variable

  20. Central limit theorem

  21. Line of best fit - least squares regression

  22. Correlation coefficient

  23. Statistic of a distribution

  24. Statistic of a distribution of values

  25. Sampling distribution of a statistic

  26. Variability of a statistic

  27. Mean/standard deviation of sampling distribution

  28. Mean of a sampling distribution

  29. Standard deviation of a sampling distribution

  30. Mean/standard deviation of population distribution

  31. Mean of a population distribution

  32. Standard deviation of a population distribution

  33. Confidence intervals

  34. P-value for a statistic

  35. Chi-square distribution/test

  36. Chi-square distribution

  37. Chi-square test

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