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This is a representative list of topics covered in our Grade 12 Math - Algebra program. However all our programs will be customized for the individual student.

  1. Linear equations/inequalities

  2. Linear equations

  3. Linear inequalities

  4. Monomials and polynomials

  5. Operations on monomials

  6. Operations on polynomials

  7. Factoring second and third degree polynomials

  8. Basic factoring techniques to second and simple third-degree polynomials

  9. Difference of two squares

  10. Perfect squares of binomials

  11. Rational expressions/function

  12. Operations on rational expressions

  13. Operations on rational functions

  14. Quadratic equations

  15. Quadratic equations – formula

  16. Quadratic equations - completion of squares

  17. Problems involving quadratic equations (motion of object under gravity)

  18. Quadratic functions

  19. Graphs of quadratic functions

  20. Effects of changes in the parameters of quadratic functions X-intercepts

  21. Exponents, factors, variation, exponential growth/decay

  22. Laws of exponents

  23. Factoring

  24. Inverse variation

  25. Exponential growth and decay

  26. Hypothesis and counterexamples

  27. Hypothesis

  28. Counterexamples

  29. Correlation for data

  30. Positive correlation for data approximating linear situations

  31. Negative correlation for data approximating linear situations

  32. No correlation for data approximating linear situations

  33. Patterns

  34. Relations

  35. Functions

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