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This is a representative list of topics covered in our Grade 12 Math - Calculus program. However all our programs will be customized for the individual student.

  1. Limits- operations on functions

  2. Limits of sums

  3. Limits of products

  4. Limits of quotients

  5. Limits of composition of functions

  6. Continuity of a function

  7. Intermediate value, extreme value theorem

  8. Intermediate value theorem

  9. Extreme value theorem

  10. Derivatives, differentiability

  11. Derivative of a function at a point

  12. Differentiability

  13. Derivatives of higher orders

  14. Derivatives of functions

  15. Derivatives of algebraic functions

  16. Derivatives of trigonometric functions

  17. Derivatives of inverse trigonometric functions

  18. Derivatives of exponential functions

  19. Derivatives of logarithmic functions

  20. Chain rule

  21. Rolle

  22. Mean value theorem

  23. Maxima, minima, inflection points, intervals

  24. Maxima

  25. Minima

  26. Inflection points

  27. Intervals

  28. Newton's method (approximating the zeros of a function)

  29. Differentiation to solve problems

  30. Differentiation to solve optimization problems

  31. Differentiation to solve rate problems

  32. Definite/indefinite integrals

  33. Definite integrals

  34. Indefinite integrals

  35. Riemann sums

  36. Fundamental theorem of calculus

  37. Definite integrals problems

  38. Definite integrals in problems involving area

  39. Definite integrals in problems involving velocity

  40. Definite integrals in problems involving acceleration

  41. Definite integrals in problems involving volume of a solid

  42. Definite integrals in problems involving area of a surface of revolution

  43. Definite integrals in problems involving length of a curve

  44. Definite integrals in problems involving work

  45. Techniques of integration

  46. Techniques of integration – substitution

  47. Techniques of integration - integration by parts

  48. Techniques of integration - trigonometric substitution

  49. Inverse trigonometric functions

  50. Integrals of functions

  51. Integrals of rational functions

  52. Integrals of trigonometric functions

  53. Simpson's rule, Newton's method

  54. Simpson's rule

  55. Newton's method

  56. Improper integrals (limits of definite integrals)

  57. Tests for convergence/divergence of sequences/series

  58. Convergence and divergence of sequences of real numbers

  59. Convergence and divergence of series of real numbers

  60. Comparison test

  61. Ratio test

  62. Alternate series test

  63. Power series, Taylor series/polynomials

  64. Power series

  65. Taylor series

  66. Taylor polynomials

  67. Elementary differential equations

  68. Solutions of selected elementary differential equations

  69. Applications of elementary differential equations - growth-and-decay problems

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