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This is a representative list of topics covered in our Grade 12 Math - Linear Algebra program. However all our programs will be customized for the individual student.

  1. Types of linear systems

  2. Types of linear systems - inconsistent (have no solutions)

  3. Types of linear systems - have exactly one solution

  4. Types of linear systems - have infinitely many solutions

  5. Gauss-Jordan elimination, Gauss-Jordan method

  6. Gauss-Jordan elimination

  7. Gauss-Jordan method

  8. Vectors and vector addition

  9. Geometric interpretation of vectors

  10. Vector addition

  11. Geometrical solution sets of systems of equations

  12. Geometrical solution sets of systems of equations

  13. Rectangular matrices to row echelon form

  14. Matrix multiplication

  15. Inverse to a square matrix

  16. Determinants of 2 by 2 and 3 by 3 matrices

  17. Determinant of 2 by 2 matrix (square matrix)

  18. Determinant of 3 by 3 matrix (square matrix)

  19. Row reduction methods, Cramer's rule

  20. Row reduction methods to compute inverse

  21. Cramer's rule to compute inverse

  22. Scalar (dot) product

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