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This is a representative list of topics covered in our Grade 12 Math - Trigonometry program. However all our programs will be customized for the individual student.

  1. Graphing functions

  2. Graph functions of the form f(t) = A sin (Bt + C) or f(t) = A cos (Bt + C)

  3. Amplitude

  4. Frequency

  5. Period

  6. Phase shift

  7. Trigonometric functions

  8. Tangent and co-tangent functions

  9. Secant and co-secant functions

  10. Formulas for sines and cosines

  11. Addition formulas

  12. Half-angle formulas for sines

  13. Double-angle formulas for sines

  14. Half-angle formulas for cosines

  15. Double-angle formulas for cosines

  16. Polar/rectangular coordinates

  17. Polar coordinates

  18. Rectangular coordinates

  19. Complex numbers in polar form

  20. DeMoivre's theorem

  21. Inverse trigonometric functions

  22. Area of triangle (one angle and 2 adjacent sides)

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