15 Rules for A Happier Life

15 Rules for A Happier Life :

Written by One Samurai 400 Years Ago

1. Accept life as it comes. Learn to accept the life you're given. It will make you stronger.

2. Drop the obsession to gain pleasure. Stop chasing down pleasure and enjoy it when it comes naturally. Just live in the moment.

3. Never Live In Regret. The past is part of your journey. But dwelling on it will never change it.

4. Don’t rely on impulse. Sometimes it's better not to follow your heart but stick to what you know for sure.

5. Don’t be infatuated with yourself. Don't miss out on what's important because of your ego.

6. Complaining is out of the picture. When complaining, you allow the past to give you a hard time in the present.

7. Don’t let lust rule your life. Strive only for love and lasting relationships.

8. Don't believe something just because you're told to. Don't follow the crowd. Form your own opinions.

9. By all means, protect your honor. Be true to yourself and live life as fairly as you know how to.

10. Have no fear of dying. It only prevents you from living life to the fullest.

11. Money doesn’t buy happiness. Don't chase happiness in the form of possessions. Embrace minimalism.

12. Stop seeking desires. Good things come when you live not wanting more than you have.

13. Never allow jealousy to take hold of your life. Jealousy will consume you. Just be thankful for what you have.

14. Don’t linger on a sad separation. This only holds you back from moving on with your life.

15. Keep your options wide open. Don't limit yourself. Never rule out matters of the future.

Aim higher to do better.

15 Rules for A Happier Life :

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