50 Successful College Admission Essays

50 Successful College Admission Essays :

One of the most difficult things we have learned (some would say we are still learning) was how to train our dog. While we read how-to books on dog training and got advice from friends, the most useful teaching aid turned out to be a video. It was effective because it actually showed dogs learning the commands. It gave us a chance to see how a well-trained dog was supposed to behave (which helped since we had not witnessed such behavior in our own dog.) The visual examples in the video gave us a goal to aim toward and confidence that a dog could learn the new tricks.

In the same spirit of training, we present 57 successful admission essays so you, too, can see how the lessons are put into action. (Yes, the title of this page promises 50 essays, but being overachievers, we decided to give you more!) As you write your own masterpiece, use these as inspiration and models to compare to your own work. Seek the advice of the experts, but do not ask them to write your essay. Such duplication will never work.

But before you start, a modest warning. These are by no means the only ways to write a successful essay. In fact, these essays worked because they reflected the writers’ unique experiences, achievements, thoughts and personality. Your own background and style are no doubt different and therefore your essays will be different.

Use these to understand the qualities that make a successful essay. Analyze each and understand why it is interesting and memorable and ultimately helped the writer get accepted. Look at the use of language. Appreciate how the writers approach their subjects. Try to uncover their motivations. In other words, learn from these examples and be inspired by them. But whatever you do, don’t try to copy them.

We guarantee that if you follow the strategies in this page and infuse your own personality and way of thinking into your writing, you, too, can produce a powerful and effective essay that is all your own. Do not try to copy others who may not have your backgrounds and way of thinking. Try to produce YOUR essay which should reflect YOUR personality and YOUR soul. Because we want to know more about THE REAL YOU.

Now, let’s read some successful essays.

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50 Successful College Admission Essays :

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