A Complete List of Homonyms

This is The Complete List of Homonyms beginning with A.

Ad: A short form of the word advertisement

Add: A short form of the word addition

Aid: To help or assist somebody

Aide: An assistant (usually to a political leader)

Aero: Of an aircraft, the preceding word of the word aero plane used in British-Indian English, unlike the American Airplane

Arrow: A slender, pointed shaft, as in bow and arrow

Ail: To be ill or sick

Ale: A deer

Aisle: A walk way

Isle: An island

Allowed: That which is permitted

Aloud: Spoken in a loud manner

Altar: A raised platform used as a place of worship

Alter: To change

Arc: A portion of a circle

Ark: A water-borne vessel (for instance, Noah’s Ark, referred to in the Holy Bible)

Ascent: A climb, to increase, to go up

Assent: To agree or to give permission to

Ate: Past tense of the word eat

Eight: The number that comes after seven and before nine

Awed: In a state of wonder

Odd: Not the usual, not the norm

Aye: A response accepting an order (naval term)

Eye: An organ of sight

I: Oneself, first person singular, used by a person to refer to himself or herself

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