A Curious Discourse

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This is a A Curious Discourse that passed between the Twenty-Five Letters at Dinner-Time.

Says A, give me a good large slice.

Says B, a little bit, but nice.

Says C, cut me a piece of crust.

Take it, says D, it's dry as dust.

Says E, I'll cut fast, who will.

Says F, I vow I'll home my fill.

Says G, give it me good and great.

Says H, a little bit I hate.

Says I, I have the juice the best.

And K, the very same confest.

Says L, ther's nothing more I love.

Says M, it makes your teeth to move.

N noticed what the others said.

O other's plates with grief survey'd.

P praised that took up to the life.

Q quarrell'd Cause he'd a bad knife.

Says R, it runs short, I'am afraid.

S silent sat and nothing said.

T thought that talking might lose time

U understood it at meals a crime.

W wish'd these had been a quince in;

Says X, those cooks ther's no convincing.

Says Y, I'll eat, let others wish.

Z sat as mute as any fish,

While Ampersy and he licked the dish.

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