A Drowning Man Will Clutch At Straws.

A Drowning Man Will Clutch At Straws. :

A straw is a frail thing. It cannot bear the weight of anything. But if a person has fallen into a deep lake and is drowning, he will desperately clutch at even a floating straw. The only thought in his mind will be to catch something that will save him. To him, it does not make any difference whether it is a boat or a straw. A man may be facing a serious problem. The problem may require urgent attention. In such a situation, the person facing it will grab any opportunity in the hope of solving it. To him, it does not matter if it is a small change or a big one. The person in this case is like the man who is drowning. Just like the drowning man who clutches at even a straw, the man facing a desperate situation grasp any opportunity irrespective of its worth. A frantic person is one who will go to any limit for solving his problems. He is not different from the desperate man who is drowning.

A Drowning Man Will Clutch At Straws.