A Melody in The Breeze

A Melody in The Breeze :

Air is a mixture – a gaseous mixture!

It’s indeed easy to find its measure!!

Oxygen, our friend, supports life on earth,

And Nitrogen fertilizes the earth.

Carbon dioxide makes soft drinks frizzle!

While inert gases have been a puzzle!!

Water vapor from sea, river and stream,

And hot, violent, angry whistling steam,

Into the cool air, they rise so slowly!

Merge as thick, soft clouds drifting so gently!!

Look! How softly they come down aglitter

To fill the earth with life – giving water!!

Like a widely spread blanket in the sky,

The clouds guard us from the heat from high.

Ceaseless atomic rays and cosmic dust

Assail our earth like an unwelcome guest.

Our dear pal ozone – oxygen, again –

Puts up a valiant Defence in vain.

For man pollutes the air, makes little holes

In the umbrella meant to save our souls!!

To save this gracious earth, our own mother,

We’ve got to act now, dear sister, brother!

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