A Plan for An Academic Paper on The Web

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A Plan for An Academic Paper on The Web :

If you are asked to compose an essay for the Web, you have two options : to create a Web page using HTML or to post a paper on the Web using Adobe Acrobat PDF files, often yielding a look that is much more like a traditional report (these options have been discussed in Chapter 11). Remember that all the principles of good design still apply (see Chapter 11), but in addition you need to worry over those that are particular to Web pages (see Designing for the Web in Chapter 11).

Some Suggestions :

• Make sure that you leave enough space on the screen. Readers turn away quickly from overcrowded pages.

• Double check the navigational elements of your pages to be sure they work. In the model, the various subheadings of the paper are planned to run down the left side of the page. Make sure to include a back button and a next button at the end of each page to make it easy for readers to travel through the document.

• You will probably want to use thumbnails for any art - that way you can get two or three pieces on each page and people who want to see bigger versions can just click on the thumbnails to see them. This technique also decreases page - loading time, always a critical element, especially in art-heavy pages.

• Check your writing to be sure it's Web-friendly. Are the paragraphs and sentences short enough to hold the attention of browsing readers? Does each paragraph start with a clear and distinct topic sentence?

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