A Simple Presentation Slide

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A Simple Presentation Slide :

Presentation slides are valuable components of any oral presentation. The single most crucial element in any presentation slide is visibility. Be sure to use large, easy-to-read type. Use only a few lines per slide. And leave plenty of space between lines. In slides such as the one on the facing page, the title forecasts the content of the whole presentation. The sub points then give the audience an overview of the presentation and help focus their attention. The sub points act as prompts for the speaker. Most important: the slide should serve as reinforcement for what the speaker is saying, not as a text that the speaker will read aloud.

Some Suggestions :

• When you have multiple sentences, keep each to six or eight words, all on one line if possible. But be sure the font size is large enough to be easily visible.

• Leave plenty of space around and between lines.

• Number your slides clearly in the order that you will use them.

• Resist the temptation to decorate the slide with too many graphics.

• Have a pointer to work with and stand to the side as you indicate points.

• Be careful not to stand in front of your slides.

Here is A Sample Single Slide Presentation.

Are You An Addicted Shoppers?

1. When you're depressed, do you shop to feel better?

2. Does your shopping cause family conflicts?

3. After you shop, do you feel anxious?

4. Are many of your purchases never used?

5. Do you lie about what you spend?

6. Do you have trouble paying off your credit cards?

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