A Simple Proposal

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A Simple Proposal :

A proposal needs to make clear the problem or opportunity it is responding to, suggest a plan clearly and succinctly, explain why it is a good and doable plan, and show how it can be put into effect. In a proposal to people outside your own organization (called an external proposal), make sure you do not take for granted knowledge that your readers may not in fact have (familiarity with technical vocabulary, for example). In an internal proposal you are likely to know the people you want to persuade, and you may need to consider whether it's appropriate to state your ideas a little less formally. Be aware, however, that if your proposal involves spending money or making a major change-and most proposals do-you should also think about any outsiders who may read what you write. In any proposal, you need to include all pertinent facts readers will need in order to make decisions, and enough specific details to show you have done your homework and speak with authority. And of course your tone should always be positive and confident.

Some Suggestions :

• Identify the specific problem, need or opportunity the proposal is responding to.

• Give a brief overview of your plan.

• Explain how your plan would address the problem or need.

• Identify personnel who would be required and where to get them.

• Estimate costs involved.

• Offer to provide additional information, if necessary.

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