A Sly Cat

A Sly Cat :

When he was a strong young cat, he caught many mice. The mice were afraid of him then. But in time he grew old and could not catch mice any more.

One day he decided to play a trick on the mice. He lay on his back and did not move at all.

A mouse saw him and thought he was dead. She ran to her friends and said, "The cat is dead! Let us dance and play!"

And all the mice began to dance and play. They were very happy. They danced and danced round the cat and the cat did not move.

Then one of the mice jumped on the cat's head. "Look at me! Come nearer, all of you! The bad cat is dead! Let us dance on his head!" But suddenly the cat jumped up and caught the silly mouse.

The other mice ran away as quickly as they could.

Mice! Don't forget! Never believe a cat!

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