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A Summary :

A good summary captures the essence of a longer work in a brief, informative statement that can be read and digested quickly. The summary should state the main assertion or idea of the original, give the key supporting points and the principal conclusions and be able to stand alone as a self-contained message. The summary is what readers will read first. Thus it's worth taking the time to do a good job. Length is critical. One page is good. One paragraph is even better. A really good summary will also reflect the style and tone of the original.

Some Suggestions :

• Read The Original carefully and underline the key points.

• Outline the main ideas and crucial supporting evidences.

• Write a draft, including everything that seems important. Be sure to state the main idea clearly, to support it with the most important examples, and to end with a strong conclusion.

• Reread the draft, condensing it where you can.

• Polish the last draft with an eye toward giving it some of the style and tone of the original.

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