A Toy Dragonfly & The Beak of a Bird

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A Toy Dragonfly

Take a long balloon, inflate it and then twist it at some point a little away from the centre. On the smaller part, draw the eyes of a dragonfly with a sketch pen.

Take a thin metal wire and cut it into small pieces. Take two of them and glue them to the under side of the longer part of the balloon to form legs. Take another four and paste them under paper pieces to form wings and then glue them to the sides of the balloon. Now your dragonfly is ready to fly.

The Beak of a Bird

Take a coloured cardboard and fold it into two. Then cut a small slit in the middle of the fold. Press the folds inside out, into the shape of a beak. Colour it. Now your beak is ready. Whenever you open and close the fold of the cardboard, the beak will also open and close.

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