A Wild Flower Alphabet

A Wild Flower Alphabet :

A for the Aconite, first of the year,

B for the Buttercup, able to hold Dewdrop

and rain in its chalice of gold.

C for the Cowslip, sweet joy of the spring;

When cowslips are blooming the nightingales sing.

D for the Daisy, white star of the grass,

Lifting its bright eye to us as we pass.

E for the Eglantine, lovely wild rose,

Sheds fragrance of sweetbrair where - ever it grows.

F for the Foxglove, the sentinel tall,

Guarding the forest from summer to fall.

G for the Gorse of rich golden delight;

Linnaeus went down on his knees at the sight.

H for the Harebell, so fragile, yet strong,

The dear little Blue Bells of Scotland in song.

I for the Iris which grows by the stream,

The Flower of the Rainbow, how golden its gleam !

J for St John's Wort, of medical fame,

Balm of the Warrior's Wound was its name.

K for the Kingcup that loves marshy fields,

And glorious the harvest of gold that it yields!

L for the Ling, the dear flower of the heath,

How tender its colour, how fragrant its breath!

M for the Meadowsweet, pleasant and rare

Is the perfume with which it enchanteth the air!

N for the Nightshade, or Bittersweet, flower,

With its berries and blossoms of poisonous power.

O for the Oxlip, a flower that you'll find

When cowslips and orchids in posies you bind.

P for the Primrose, recalling to sight

Paths in the woodland a- shimmer with light.

Q for the Quaking grass, name that it takes

From the way it unceasingly shivers and shakes.

R for the Rest-harrow, staying the plough,

Food for the gentle-eyed, ruminant cow.

S for the Speedwell, tenderest blue;

From the skies it has taken its exquisite hue.

T for the traveller's Joy that you'll find

Where sweet sheltering hedgerows wander and wind.

U for the Upright Sea-lavender flower;

The sand-swallows claim it for sheltering bower.

V for the Violet, flower of the soul,

Heart's-ease of Paradise, making us whole.

W for windflower, so fair to the sight,

That throws o'er the woodlands her mantle of light.

X Forms a cross in the Passion- flower wild

In Southern America, balmy and mild.

Y for the Yarrow, all wayfarers know,

As it grows by the wayside where ever you go.

Z is the ribbon this posy to bind,

With the thoughts and the fragrance

it brings to your mind.

A Wild Flower Alphabet