AIDS Awareness Programmes

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AIDS Awareness Programmes :

With the help of drugs, most of diseases caused by the infectious organisms can be controlled. Some of these diseases can be prevented through vaccination. We have succeeded in eradicating some deadly diseases like small box. We are trying to wipe out polio completely. But the field of medicine is perplexed by an new disease, AIDS which has no known remedy. The first case was reported in 1981 in USA.

AIDS is a highly contagious disease. The worst fact is that the carriers do not have symptoms. Transmission of the diseases is through both homosexuality, heterosexuality, drug abuse and blood products. Infants contract the diseases from affected mothers.

A cure for AIDS is still a dream. Therefore these Programmes have become a must. Under the auspices of the science club these programmes can be conducted. The youth should be advised to avoid free sex. They must be educated about the dangers of drug abuse. They should be informed that they should not use unsterilized syringes. The dangers of the diseases and the symptoms of the diseases must be highlighted. They should be made to realise the serious threat posed to humanity by AIDS.

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