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APR, Arbitrage, Arbitrager, Arbitrate,
Arbitration and Arbitrator

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APR : Annualized Percentage RATE

Arbitrage : noun :

(a) selling on one market and buying on another at almost the same time to profit from different exchange rates

(b) buying shares in companies which are likely to be taken over and so rise in price

Arbitrage Syndicate = group of people formed to raise the capital to invest in arbitrage deals

Arbitrager or Arbitrageur : noun : person whose business is arbitrage

Arbitrate : verb : (of an outside party) to be chosen by both sides to try to settle an industrial dispute

• To arbitrate in a dispute

Arbitration : noun : settling of a dispute by an outside person chosen by both sides

• To submit a dispute to arbitration

• To refer a question to arbitration

• To take a dispute to arbitration

• To go to arbitration

Arbitration Board or Arbitration Tribunal = group which arbitrates

• Industrial arbitration tribunal court which decides in industrial disputes

• To accept the ruling of the arbitration board

NOTE : no plural

Arbitrator : noun : person not concerned with a dispute who is chosen by both sides to try to settle it

• Industrial arbitrator

• To accept or to reject the arbitrator's ruling

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