AR – ER – OR

This KEY is the Suffix which has three spellings,
AR – ER – OR Meaning ONE WHO & THAT WHICH. This is one of the simplest keys to remember and you will see a great deal of it. It is listed so that you will become accustomed to seeking words, not as one lump to be swallowed whole, but as a combination of keys which are to be recognized separately.

1. doctor- doct OR (dok’ tor) n

One who is learned, especially in medicine.

2. baker- bak ER (bake’ er) n

One who bakes.

3. actor- act OR (ak’ tor) n

One who acts a part in a play or in an event.

4. fighter- fight ER (fite’ er) n

One who fights.

5. beggar- begg AR (beg’ ar) n

One who begs.

6. dancer- danc ER (dan’ ser) n

One who dances.

7. jester- jest ER (jes’ ter) n

One who tells jokes.

8. killer- kill ER (kil’ er) n

One who kills.

9. liar- li AR (lie’ er) n

One who tells lies.

10. miser- mis ER (mize’ er) n

One who lives miserably in order to hoard money.

11. toiler- toil ER (roil’ er) n

One who works hard.

12. tractor- tract OR (trak’ ter) n

A machine used on the farm for drawing a plow.

13. barber- barb ER (bar’ ber) n

One whose work is to give shaves and haircuts.

14. wrecker- wreck ER (rek’ er) n

Machinery used to break down buildings and remove the wreckage.

15. painter- paint ER (pane’ ter) n

One who paints.

16. sufferer- suffer ET (sub’ ere r) n

One who suffers, especially from a disease.

17. exhibitor- exhibit OR (eg zib’ it or) n

One who shows things to the public, as art.

18. racer- rac ER (rase’ er) n

One who races in a sport event.

19. amplifier- ampilifi ER (am’ pil fie er) n

That which magnifies a sound, a loud speaker.

20. pacifier- pacifi ER (pas’ i fie er) n

That which quiets, like a ring for babies to such or bite on.

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