Abandon : Synonyms & Antonyms


(transitive verb)

Contextual Example:

Since the political situation changed drastically, the company
abandoned the project.


1. Relinquish

2. Resign

3. Forgo

4. Discontinue

5. Waive

6. Abdicate

7. Leave

8. Quit

9. Evacuate

10. Discard

11. Desert

Contextual Examples:

relinquished all hope that she was alive.

Alan may
forgo some of his rights, but he need not give up the right of doing something.

The conditions of the agreements can be
waived if both the parties agreed to.

The party decided to
abdicate from its role in the coalition Government.

The seaman
evacuated the ship as soon as they discovered it was drowning.

Selfish people
desert their friends in difficult times.

Paul was
discarded by his brothers because he wanted to become a doctor and his brothers wanted him to take to family business.


1. Pursue

2. Chase

3. Hunt

4. Prosecute

5. Follow

6. Undertake

Contextual Examples:

I wish I could
pursue my studies further.

The Police
chased the criminal for some distance but gave up there after.

In ancient times, the human had to
hunt for food in the forest.

The Government has
prosecuted quite a number of officers for betraying against the country.

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