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Abatement : noun : act of reducing

tax abatement = reduction of tax

Abroad : adverb : to or in another country

• The consignment of cars was shipped abroad last week.

• The chairman is abroad on business

• Half of our profit comes from sales abroad.

Absence : noun : not being at work or at a meeting

in the absence of = when someone is not there

• In the absence of the chairman, his deputy took the chair.

leave of absence = being allowed to be absent from work

• He asked for leave of absence to visit his mother in hospital.

NOTE : no plural

Absent : adjective : not at work or not at a meeting

• Ten of the workers are absent with flu.

• The chairman is absent in Holland on business.

Absentee : noun : worker who stays away from work for no good reason

Absenteeism : noun : staying away from work for no good reason

• Absenteeism is high in the week before Christmas.

• The rate of absenteeism or the absenteeism rate always increases in fine weather.

NOTE : no plural

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