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Abbreviations :

They are short forms of long phrases or words. Instead of writing them fully, we use these abbreviations formed by normally the first letter of each word. Sometimes, the first and the last letter of words will make an abbreviation. Usually these letters are in capitals.

Here is the list of abbreviations beginning with G.

  1. GAIL - Gas Authority of India Limited

  2. GATE - Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering

  3. GATT - General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade

  4. GDP - Gross Domestic Product

  5. GDR - German Democratic Republic

  6. GHQ - General Headquarters

  7. GIC - General Insurance Corporation

  8. GMT - Greenwich Mean Time

  9. GNP - Gross National Product

  10. GOC - General Post Office

  11. GSI - Geological Survey of India

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