Abet : Synonyms and Antonyms


Transitive verb

Those who abetted the culprit in the conspiracy were arrested by the police two days ago.


1. aid

2. assist

3. support

4. encourage

5. incite

6. instigate

Contextual Examples:

The generous aid by the society has assisted him to support his family through thick and thin.

The glare of monetary encouragement culminates in inciting lethargy and instigating the people to resort to evil doings.


1. hinder

2. prevent

3. obstruct

4. interrupt

5. intercept

6. restrict

7. restraint

8. inhibit

9. block

10. close

11. affect

12. prohibit

Contextual Examples:

Hot weather greatly caused hindrance top his farming work.

Prevention is always better than cure.

The lack of capital causes obstruction in the growth of my business.

The birth of a son to her was the interruption to her career.

She has no inhibitions about making her opinions known.

He voted in favor of the prohibition of smoking in public area.

The threat of closure affected the workers’ morale.

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