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abiding principles of this school should not be violated at any moment in our approach.


1. everlasting

2. constant

3. continuing

4. durable

5. enduring

6. eternal

7. immortal

8. permanent

9. persistent

10. steadfast

11. unending

Contextual Examples:

I am tired of her
everlasting complaints.

This entrance is in
constant use. Do not block it.

The fabric has a special baking for extra

I am tired of your
eternal arguments.

China is a
permanent member of UN Security Council.

She eventually married the most
persistent of her admirers.


1. brief

2. fleeting

3. momentary

4. short-lived

5. temporary

6. transitory

7. ephemeral

Contextual Examples:

For a
fleeting moment, I thought the car was going to crash.

This arrangement is only

Their sweets were only

Her interest in tennis was very

Journalism is important but

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