Synonyms and Antonyms of Ability

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Here is the Synonyms and Antonyms of Ability.

Ability : noun : physical, mental or legal power to perform

Synonyms :

adequacy, capability, capacity, competence, might, qualification, qualifiedness, address, adroitness, cleverness, dexterity, aptitude, aptness, facility, knack, what it takes

Antonyms :

impotence, inadequacy, incapability, incompetence, inability

Ability : noun : natural or acquired proficiency especially in a particular activity

Synonyms :

command, expertise, expertism, expertness, knack, know-how, mastership, mastery, skill, adroitness, deftness, efficiency, handiness, proficiency, ingenuity, resourcefulness, talent

Antonyms :

inadequacy, incompetence, ineffectualness, unfitness, fatuity, futility, inanity

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