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Mr. Kuala alone has the required
ability to get things done in the government.


1. power

2. skill

3. competence

4. competency

5. capacity

6. efficiency

7. capability

8. aptitude

9. faculty

10. talent

Contextual Examples:

An artisan earns fame for his
skill in the craft.

According to the latest instructions, he has the
power to sign the agreement and we can doubt his competence in this regard.

Efficiency of a worker can increase if he is given the required facilities.

capability of an individual can be gauged by his background.

He has a good
aptitude towards arts but his father compels him to study science.

In India, even many
talented people may remain unemployed.


1. unskillful ness

2. impotence

3. incompetence

4. weakness

5. incapability

Contextual Examples:

Unskillful ness is still a common phenomenon in the country, although facilities for general education are being increased.

Consuming more alcoholic drinks will result in
impotence among men.

incompetence of the workers resulted in heavy lose to the company.

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