Abjure : Synonyms and Antonyms


Transitive verb

The King abjured his right over the neighboring country in order to provide peace to the people.


1. Forswear

2. renounce

3. relinquish

4. abandon

5. recant

6. repudiate

7. renunciation

Contextual Examples:

The astronomer Galileo was forced to forswear his theory of the rotation of the earth.

He has recanted the sinful ways after his release from jail.

It is not necessary to renounce the world for worshipping God.

John relinquished his right to property of his father voluntarily to help his sister.

If we can abandon our vices of anger, hatred and physical attachments, we are on the right path of progress.

It is very difficult to the level of renunciation world attachments.


1. desire

2. like

3. worship

4. long for

5. wish

6. earn

Contextual Examples:

I desired to go to USA for my higher studies, but the fate was in another way.

All those who wish to succeed in the politics will not do so.

Mt father is still longing for the old classical music.

Earn while you are young. Other wise it will be difficult for all of you.

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