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abnormal growth in the economy of India was possible because of the drastic changes in the economic policies of that country in 1990s.


1. aberrant

2. eccentric

3. irregular

4. anomalous

5. insane

6. monstrous

Contextual Examples:

He is too
aberrant taking the medicine and exercise; hence we can not guarantee any great improvement in his health.

He is not a fool, he is an
eccentric and no one can predict his behavior.

His contradictory statements at different times have put him in an
anomalous situation.

The mental torture and agony have made him

Greed and lust take a
monstrous form in due course.


1. Sanity

2. Conformity

3. Soundness

4. Reason

5. Rationality

6. Normality

7. Sobriety

8. Lucidity

Contextual Examples:

sanity at the highest political levels in super power countries can save the world from destruction.

Conformity to the ideals of peace and development is needed to make the youth of our country use its power in the right direction.

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