About Us

Ravi Thangavel is my name. With a Master degree, I have been running The Aravind Academy for the past ten years in -Tamil Nadu-India. This institution is an Associate of an UK based English Teaching Academy which is teaching English and Mathematics to the students of all age groups. They include school-going children, college students, working people, traders, professionals etc. Thousands of MBA aspirants have joined our institute and improved their English and Mathematics knowledge and have joined the Top Business Schools.

There are two English teachers and two Mathematics teachers to assist me from designing the course materials and designing the teaching modules and to conducting the courses. They are well versed in their respective fields of study. Only those two English teachers answer the questions that you ask using the Know Your English form.

Mrs. Nor Rosmini from Malaysia and Mr. Marcus from London are helping us online in managing this site effectively.

As the world does, we too strongly believe that strong communication skills have the magic power to uplift the people to a higher position, both in their professional and in their personal lives.

After the advent of online teaching, now we have come to the online teaching module. In order to cater to the needs of the diverse needs of the students around the world, we decided to become online.

The wide response, at this initial stage, from around the world is amazing. We feel that we have to still work hard to meet all the demands of the prospective Students.

Why English?

English is the language spoken by the largest number of people around the world both as the primary and secondary language. English is the official language of many countries including China, Japan, Germany, India, Brazil etc… which have taken all steps to teach English to their citizens. English contains beautiful books of all kinds: literature, philosophy, religion, poems, essays, fiction, subject books, etc… In spite of the fact that one should learn one’s mother-language, English has become a predominant language in the lives of today’s children for them to grow in this competitive world. Competition prevails in every sphere of life. To meet the demands of this tough society, it is must to learn English, the knowledge of which gives one the power to excel in one’s profession.

We are located at :

The Aravind Academy,
39/197 B : First Cross,
Velaytutha Nager,
Ariyalur District,
Tamil Nadu,
PIN : 621802
PHONE : 04331 - 251789
Email : [email protected]


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