Abscond : Synonyms and Antonyms


( Intransitive verb )

Since he has been looked upon by his friends themselves as one of the culprits involved in murder case, he absconded a few days ago.


1. hide

2. slip away

3. conceal oneself

4. leave

5. steal away

6. decamp

7. retire

8. depart

9. retreat

10. take oneself off

11. disappear

12. run away

13. withdraw

14. flee

15. run off

Contextual Examples:

The traveler decamped in fear of lurking robbers.

A frightened horse runs as a bolt is from a bow or a gun.

He leaves his home for office in time but does not get a bus and is generally late.

The traveler had some fears in mind when he departed on his journey.

A bonded labor may run away from his master but the master generally succeeds in catching him again.

A public man may try to hide himself from the reporters but the reporters somehow will find him out.

One may slip away from a company, which he does not wish, to break up.

Army retreats from an untenable position.

The hunted thief disappeared in the crowd and the police failed to catch him.

The Jews had to flee from Germany when Hitler ordered their General massacre.


1. hold one’s ground

2. reappear

3. arrive

4. remain

5. be present

6. present one self

7. come into view

8. put in appearance

9. stay

10. emerge

Contextual Examples:

The Army held its ground against heavy firing from the enemy posts.

The great leader reappeared after oblivion.

The witness presented himself in the court after great prompting.

It is difficult for the Indo-US warm friendship to put in reappearance under the present circumstances.

The recession is over and brighter prospects for the industry have now emerged.

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