Absence Use of Articles

Absence Use of Articles :

Since most native languages do not contain articles/determiners, people often miss using them. It is necessary to note that all noun phrases except those, which begin usually with a proper noun, take an article/determiner.

For example, rather than saying

'Flowers in my garden are in bloom' say 'The flowers in my garden are in bloom'.

'This evening I will go to watch cricket match' is incorrect.

'This evening I will go to watch a cricket match' is correct.

'Colour of sweater is shade of blue' is incorrect.

'The colour of this sweater is a shade of blue' is correct.

'President of the India is first citizen of country' is incorrect.

'The President of India is the first citizen of the country' is correct.

'I go to the school every day' is incorrect.

'I go to school every day' is correct.

Absence Use of Articles