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Absolute, Absolutely and Absorb

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Absolute : adjective : complete or total

Absolute monopoly = situation where only one producer or supplier produces or supplies something

• The company has an absolute monopoly of imports of French wine.

Absolutely : adverb : completely

• We are absolutely tied to our suppliers' schedules.

Absorb : verb :

(a) to take in a small item so as to form part of a larger one

(b) to absorb a surplus = to take back surplus stock so that it does not affect a business

• Overheads have absorbed all our profits.

• All our profits have gone in paying over¬head expenses.

(c) to absorb a loss by a subsidiary = to write a subsidiary company’s loss into the main accounts

(c) business which has been absorbed by a competitor = a small business which has been made part of a larger one

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