Absorb: Synonyms and Antonyms


( Transitive Verb )

Paper that absorbs ink is called blotting-paper.


1. Spend

2. Waste

3. Squander

4. Destroy

5. Exhaust

6. Devour

7. Assimilate

Contextual Examples:

A wise man spends the money and a fool wastes it.

The wounds of a stove-burn destroy certain parts of the skin and hence take long to be healed up.

The untimely cyclone squandered the crop away.

Overwork will exhaust him shortly.

In a clash between the police and the porters, the latter destroyed many vehicles of the police.

The hordes of Attila, the Hun burned and wasted what they could not carry away.


1. Save

2. Hoard

3. Reserve

4. Pressure

5. husband

Contextual Examples:

Wise men always save something for the rainy day.

The government has built storage facilities to hoard food grains for any emergency.

We should reserve 25% of our income for the emergency period.

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