Abstain: Synonyms and Antonyms


( Intransitive Verb )

After his college days, he
abstained from both alcoholic drinks and non-vegetarian foods.


1. Forbear

2. Refrain

3. Desist

4. Withhold

5. resist

Contextual Examples:

We should
refrain from reading cheap and sensational literature.

Although already jailed once, he can not
resist from gambling.

Government has the right to
withhold his pension as a measure of penalty.


1. Pursue

2. Adopt

3. Persist

4. Offer

Contextual Examples:

Dr. Jones is
pursuing his profession nicely.

Rajneesh had
adopted a definite progressive policy for his firm.

It we
persist on the path of success, we shall certainly achieve it in due course.

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