Synonyms and Antonyms of Accord

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Here is the Synonyms and Antonyms of Accord.

Accord : verb : to be in agreement or harmony

Synonyms :

agree, conform, correspond, dovetail, fit (in), go, harmonize, jibe, square, tally, coincide, concur, blend, coalesce, fuse, merge, award, concede, vouchsafe, allot, give, award, confer, grant, agreement, chime, concord, concordance, consonance, tune, affinity, attraction, empathy, sympathy, solidarity, union, harmony, community of interest(s), deal, understanding, chorus, concert, concord, consonance, tune

Antonyms :

differ, disagree, compare, contrast, conflict, deny, gainsay, refuse, detain, hold, reserve, withhold, conflict, contention, difference; animosity, antipathy, hostility, dissension, strife, antagonism

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