Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words. :

In today’s world, practical aspects of life weigh more than the theoretical. Life is full of hazards and to overcome the obstacles of life, a person must strive to be practical and stop wasting precious time on unnecessary preaching. In other words, he must be man of action in order to succeed in life. Many great personalities of history have put into practice what their conscience told them to do and have acted according to their beliefs. They have not contemplated too much on how to reach their set goals. Precious time much be converted into moments of action for real success in life. Idle talk can lead one nowhere. On the contrary, life should be molded on the firm basis of action. It must be secondary to the practical aspects of life. In our dynamic world, success and happiness depend on action, not on theory or empty words.

Action Speaks Louder Than Words.

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