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Action Words for 15th October :

  1. Snuff (n) : pulverized tobacco, the charred part of a wick

  2. Snug (adj.) : comfortable

  3. Snuggle (v) : lie close to warmth

  4. So (adv.) : in such a manner, to such a degree

  5. Soak (v) : wet thoroughly, drench

  6. Soap (n) : a cleaning agent, detergent

  7. Soap nut (n) : a kind of nut used for washing off oily matter

  8. Soar (v) : to fly high

  9. Sob (v) : weep convulsively

  10. Sob (n) : quick irregular drawing of breath while weeping

  11. Sober (adj.) : self-controlled, temperate, not intoxicated, calm dispassionate

  12. Sobriquet (n) : a nick name

  13. Sociable (adj.) : friendly

  14. Sociable (n) : sociability

  15. Social (adj.) : pertaining to the society, fond of company of others

  16. Society (n) : a community, club or association

  17. Sock (n) : a short stocking or covering for the foot

  18. Socket (n) : a cavity into which some things fits

  19. Sod (n) : turf, a piece of earth covered with growing grass

  20. Soda (n) : the carbonate of sodium, a kind of drink

  21. Sodden (adj.) :boiled

  22. Sofa (n) : a cushion seat, a lounge

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