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Active Voice and Passive Voice :

  1. The door was being opened by the thief. (passive voice)

    The thief was opening the door. (active voice)

  2. They were construction a new building. (active voice)

    A new building was being constructed by them. (passive voice)

  3. The poor had been served by Mother Teresa. (passive voice)

    Mother Teresa had served the poor. (active voice)

  4. Ravi had painted the door. (active voice)

    the door had been painted by Ravi. (passive voice)

  5. The fire has burnt down the entire village. (active voice)

    The entire village has been burnt down by the fire. (passive voice)

  6. The Mail is read by my father in the morning. (passive voice)

    my father reads the mail in the evening. (active voice)

  7. Mr. Balan drove the car fast. (active voice)

    The car was driven fast by Mr. Balan. (passive voice)

  8. The elevation of the building will be designed by an architect. (passive voice)

    An architect will design the elevation of the building. (active voice)

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