Active Voice and Passive Voice

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Active Voice and Passive Voice :

  1. French can be spoken by me. (passive voice)

    I can speak French. (active voice)

  2. Shut up your mouth. (active voice)

    Let your mouth be shut up. (passive voice)

  3. By whom was this building destroyed? (passive voice)

    Who destroyed this building? (active voice)

  4. Where does she buy theses sarees? (active voice)

    where are these sarees bought by her? (passive voice)

  5. They are planting trees. (active voice)

    Trees are being planted by them. (passive voice)

  6. You are being watched by the police. (passive voice)

    the police are watching you. (active voice)

  7. This theatre was opened last month. (passive voice)

    They opened this theatre last month. (active voice)

  8. One should keep milk in the refrigerator. (active voice)

    Milk should be kept by us in refrigerator. (passive voice)

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