Active Voice and Passive Voice

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Active Voice and Passive Voice :

  1. New ration cards will be given next week.(passive voice)

    The government will give new ration cards next week.(active voice)

  2. They were white washing the house for Pongal.(active voice)

    The house was being white washed by them for Pongal.(passive voice)

  3. A house has been constructed in the village by them.(passive voice)

    They have constructed a house in the village.(active voice)

  4. The murderer was sentenced to life imprisonment.(passive voice)

    The judge sentenced the murderer to life imprisonment.(active voice)

  5. The workers are digging a well in the field.(passive voice)

    A well is being dug in the field by the workers.(active voice)

  6. The hunter shot a deer dead.(active voice)

    A deer was shot dead by the hunter.(passive voice)

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