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Active Voice and Passive Voice :

  1. Our answer papers have been corrected. (passive voice)

    The teachers have corrected our answer papers. (active voice)

  2. Gandhiji was sent to jail by the English. (passive voice)

    The English sent Gandhiji to jail. (active voice)

  3. The thief stole the jewel-box. (active voice)

    The jewel-box was stolen by the thief. (passive voice)

  4. The workers repair the door. (active voice)

    The door is repaired by the workers. (passive voice)

  5. The flag is hoisted by the president. (passive voice)

    The President hoists the flag. (active voice)

  6. Joe can find a solution to the problem.(active voice)

    A solution to the problem can be found by Joe.(passive voice)

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