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Active Voice to Passive Voice :

  1. The match will be won by our team.

  2. America was discovered by Columbus.

  3. Sunlight is reflected by the Moon.

  4. The song has been sung by Chitra.

  5. They reached Mumbai by train.

  6. You must be here by five O’clock.

  7. A tall tree stood by the side of the road.

  8. The Home minister arrived here by air.

  9. Milk is sold here.

  10. The thief has been arrested.

  11. Deepavali is celebrated all over India.

  12. Letters are delivered twice a day.

  13. I am surprised to hear the news.

  14. Children are fond of hearing stories.

  15. Faraday was interested in chemistry.

  16. I am pleased to meet you.

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