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Only those students who are
able to score very high marks in GMAT will apply to this business school.


1. capable

2. accomplished

3. adept

4. adequate

5. adroit

6. clever

7. competent

8. efficient

9. expert

10. fit

11. masterful

12. proficient

Contextual Examples:

I am sure he is
capable of running a mile in four minutes.

He is very
adept in mending computers.

Fuel resources are barely
adequate for our needs.

She is
competent to look after young children.

He revealed himself to be surprisingly practical and

She has become reasonably
proficient at her job.


1. Incapable

2. Inadequate

3. Incompetent

4. Inefficient

5. Inept

6. Weak

7. Mediocre

8. Unskillful

9. Unfit

Contextual Examples:

The children seem to be totally
incapable of working quietly by themselves.

The safety precautions are totally

I suppose my application has been lost by an
incompetent clerk.

I have heard anyone so
inept at making speeches.

His books are obviously

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