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Adman : noun : informal man who works in advertising

Admen : Plural Noun

• The admen are using balloons as promotional material.

Admin : noun : informal

(a) Work of administration, especially paperwork

• All this admin work takes a lot of my time.

• There is too much admin in this job.

• Admin costs seem to be rising each quarter.

• The admin people have sent the report back.

NOTE : no plural : as a group of people it can have a plural verb

Administer : verb : to organize or to manage

• He administers a large pension fund.

Administered Price (US) = price fixed by a manufacturer which cannot be varied by a retailer

Administration : noun : organization or control of management of a company

• The expenses of the administration

• Of administration expenses = costs of management, not including production, marketing or distribution costs

• Letters of administration = letter given by a court to allow someone to deal with the estate of a person who has died

Administration Staff : workers in the administration

• Administration Staff say they need the report immediately.

Administrative : adjective : referring to administration

• Administrative Details

• Administrative Expenses

Administrator : noun :

(a) person who directs the work of other employees in a business

(b) person appointed by a court to manage the affairs of someone who dies without leaving a will

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