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Advanced Vocabulary for 18th August :

  1. Plantation (n) : the act of planting, estate for cultivation of plants like coffee & etc., farm, a grave

  2. Plaque (n) : ornamental metal tablet

  3. Plaster (n) : soft mixture of lime sand and water, a cloth with medicine applied, cover a wound

  4. Plastic (adj.) : soft and pliable, adaptable

  5. Plastic (n) : a synthetic resinous substance used for making various articles

  6. Plate (n) : a flat piece, a thin sheet of metal, a flat dish for holding food

  7. Plate (v) : to cover with a coating of metal

  8. Plateau (n) : flat elevated land, table land

  9. Platform (n) : raised ground on the sides of roads intended for the use of pedestrians

  10. Platinum (n) : white heavy ductile metal

  11. Platitude (n) : a dull common place, an empty remark

  12. Platoon (n) : a group of soldiers

  13. Plaudit (n) : applause, emphatic expression of approval

  14. Plausible (adj.) : apparently right or true

  15. Play (v) : sport, act, trifle, perform, play with a musical instrument, gamble, contend

  16. Playful (adj.) : fond of playing

  17. Playground (n) : a ground used for playing games

  18. Playwright (n) : a dramatist

  19. play writer (n) : a dramatist

  20. Plea (n) : an excuse, request, a prisoner’s statement in al law court

  21. Plead (v) : speak in defence, argue in support

  22. Pleader (n) : one who pleads, a lawyer

  23. Pleasant (adj.) : agreeable, amusing

  24. Please (v) : be good enough, satisfy

  25. Pleasing (adj.) : agreeable

  26. Pleasure (n) : enjoyment, will, desire

  27. Pleasure-ground (n) : a garden or field for pleasure

  28. Plebeian (n) : one of the common people

  29. Plebiscite (n) : a system of deciding a matter by the votes of all qualified persons

  30. Pledge (n) : something given as security, promise

  31. Pledge (v) : give a security, promise

  32. Plenty (n) : abundance

  33. Plethora (n) : the state of too much of anything, over abundance

  34. Pleurisy (n) : inflammation of the pleura that covers the lung

  35. Pliable (adj.) : easily bent

  36. pliant (adj.) : easily bent

  37. Pliers (n) : tool used for holding and bending wire etc.

  38. Plight (n) : a(pitiable)state

  39. Plight (v) : promise, pledge

  40. Plimsolls (n & pl) : cheap rubber soled canvas shoes

  41. Plinth (n) : a base on which a column stands

Advanced Vocabulary for 18th August :

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