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English is one of the most rhythmical languages of the world. The Dictionary of Alliterative and Rhythmic Phrases contains thousands of rhythmical phrases intermingled with alliterations. Besides such alliteratively rhythmical phrases, there exist in English a large number of adverbially adjective noun phrases (a phrase coined to befit the pattern). Many of such triple - word phrases are presented here for your reference. Such phrases are highly useful for the semantic study of phrase - structures in English.

    Absolutely free conscience
    Absorbingly interesting occupation
    Abundantly illustrated book
    Acoustically indistinct consonants
    Admittedly difficult task
    Apparently disconnected facts
    Architecturally successful edifice
    Astonishingly young mind
    Awfully up-hill work

    Badly drawn character
    Basically irrelevant detail
    Biologically important functions
    Bitterly contested wars
    Blatantly defied convention
    Brightly coloured flowers
    Brilliantly written book

    Carefully ascertained facts
    Carefully chosen examples
    Carefully developed theory
    Clearly defined pattern
    Closely guarded secret
    Closely related words
    Commercially oriented people
    Commonly used words
    Comparatively recent development
    Completely different angle
    Completely illiterate audience
    Constantly changing background
    Constantly recurring themes
    Critically edited text
    Currently fashionable dress

    Dangerously disparaging attributesDazzlingly beautiful illuminations
    Dearly loved person
    Deeply felt resentment
    Deeply rooted tradition
    Delightfully chivalrous statement
    Densely populated areas
    Divinely inspired poetry

    Eagerly awaited news
    Easily accomplished task
    Economically advanced nation
    Economically backward areas
    Elegantly dressed person
    Eminently readable introduction
    Eminently respectable figures
    Emotionally charged sound
    Entirely unfamiliar country
    Exceedingly clever man
    Extremely attractive girl
    Extremely grave risks
    Extremely popular songs

    Fairly accurate details
    Fairly reliable guide
    Fantastically inspiring place
    Finely framed speech
    Flamboyantly handsome man
    Frequently used word
    Fully qualified person
    Fundamentally different approach

    Gaily plumaged birds
    Gaudily coloured beaks
    Generally accepted fact
    Genuinely new ideas
    Gorgeously created figures
    Grammatically different words
    Grievously committed sins

    Happily chosen term
    Hardly audible sound
    Hastily summoned meeting
    Heavily bearded person
    Highly developed feeling
    Highly disciplined community
    Highly emotional speeches
    Highly readable narrative
    Highly sophisticated equipment
    Historically correct usage
    Historically related family of languages
    Honestly earned money
    Hugely impressive system

    Immensely complicated affairs
    Immensely suggestive book
    Increasingly inelegant expressions
    Increasingly popular subject
    Inexpressibly beautiful measure
    Infinitely productive artist
    Infinitely small quantities
    Infinitely variable world
    Infinitely varied world
    Insipidly pious woman
    Intellectually mature person
    Intensely interesting experience
    Intensely private life
    Intensely subjective poet
    Internationally known scientist

    Juridically free peasants

    Keenly analytical ear

    Lavishly illustrated pages
    Lavishly produced publications
    Lawfully constituted authority
    Legally wedded wife
    Lexicologically interesting polysemy
    Linguistically enlightened editors
    Literally translated vernacular expressions
    Logically coherent analysis
    Logically connected sentences
    Logically fallacious inferences
    Loosely flowing garments

    Marvellously engineered road system
    Mechanically woven carpet
    Mentally disturbed people
    Mentally retarded children
    Moderately priced book
    Mortally wounded man
    Mutually exclusive categories
    Mutually intelligible dialects

    Nationally televised programme
    Naturally unstressed words
    Neatly furnished house
    Negatively charged particle
    Negatively prefixed words
    Newly appointed minister
    Newly constituted board
    Newly discovered languages
    Newly married man
    Newly constructed buildings
    Newly published titles
    Normally constituted man
    Noticeably defective speech
    Noticeably handsome face

    Objectively verifiable statements
    Obviously desirable goal
    Officially recognised institutions
    Originally distinct words
    Originally short form
    Originally intended meaning
    Outstandingly handsome man
    Outstandingly significant feature
    Outstandingly intelligent leaders
    Outwardly opposing forces

    Parochially minded persons
    Particularly gifted person
    Perfectly acceptable sentences
    Perfectly intelligent woman
    Perfectly familiar proposition
    Perfectly intelligible sentence
    Permanently popular work
    Phonetically different sounds
    Politically oriented socialists
    Politically powerful minority groups
    Prettily painted room
    Previously unpublished reports
    Privately printed volume
    Profoundly interesting writer
    Profoundly religious man
    Profusely illustrated book
    Properly designed structure
    Purely academic journals
    Purely imaginative work

    Quickly discoverable error

    Radically different meaning
    Rapidly changing world
    Rapidly developing science
    Rapidly growing enthusiasm
    Really busy person
    Really expensive shirt
    Recently published novel
    Regularly constituted government
    Remarkably popular writer
    Richly cultured man

    Sadistically cruel man
    Seemingly contradictory facets (of one's personality)
    Seemingly little things
    Seemingly worthless people
    Semantically peculiar etymology
    Semantically (very) interesting words
    Singularly fortunate youth
    Slightly different meaning
    Smartly dressed woman
    Socially acceptable qualities
    Socially adaptive behaviour
    Socially distinct societies
    Socially distinguished ladies
    Socially useful productive work
    Sparsely populated areas
    Specially designed building
    Specially shaped pipe
    Specially written example
    Spiritually elevating influence
    Spiritually highest realities
    Splendidly successful book
    Strictly limited interest
    Strictly scientific words
    Strikingly beautiful places
    Strongly developed taste
    Strongly marked face
    Strongly rooted envy
    Strongly worded resolution
    Suddenly recollected emotion
    Superbly sculptured features
    Surprisingly subtle discrimination
    Syllogistically expressed agreement
    Symbolically significant work
    Systematically organised survey

    Tacitly accepted values
    Thickly populated city
    Thinly populated area
    Thoroughly dishonest man
    Thoroughly learned system
    Thoughtfully prepared material
    Totally different spirit
    Totally unexpected result
    Tremendously popular form
    Traitorously corrupted youth
    Truly good man

    Unimaginably beautiful gardens
    Uniquely great events
    Universally acknowledged truth
    Unspeakably bad taste
    Utterly different languages
    Utterly insignificant person

    Vaguely defined term
    Vastly increased power
    Verbally defined concepts
    Vividly attractive pictures

    Wholly subjective affair
    Widely separated countries
    Wildly imaginative mind
    Wonderfully rich appearance

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