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English is one of the most rhythmical languages of the world. The Dictionary of Alliterative and Rhythmic Phrases contains thousands of rhythmical phrases intermingled with alliterations. Besides such alliteratively rhythmical phrases, there exist in English a large number of adverbially adjective noun phrases (a phrase coined to befit the pattern). Many of such triple - word phrases are presented here for your reference. Such phrases are highly useful for the semantic study of phrase - structures in English.

  1. Dangerously disparaging attributes

  2. Dazzlingly beautiful illuminations

  3. Dearly loved person

  4. Deeply felt resentment

  5. Deeply rooted tradition

  6. Delightfully chivalrous statement

  7. Densely populated areas

  8. Divinely inspired poetry

Adverbially Adjective Noun Phrases Index

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