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English is one of the most rhythmical languages of the world. The Dictionary of Alliterative and Rhythmic Phrases contains thousands of rhythmical phrases intermingled with alliterations. Besides such alliteratively rhythmical phrases, there exist in English a large number of adverbially adjective noun phrases (a phrase coined to befit the pattern). Many of such triple - word phrases are presented here for your reference. Such phrases are highly useful for the semantic study of phrase - structures in English.

  1. Parochially minded persons

  2. Particularly gifted person

  3. Perfectly acceptable sentences

  4. Perfectly intelligent woman

  5. Perfectly familiar proposition

  6. Perfectly intelligible sentence

  7. Permanently popular work

  8. Phonetically different sounds

  9. Politically oriented socialists

  10. Politically powerful minority groups

  11. Prettily painted room

  12. Previously unpublished reports

  13. Privately printed volume

  14. Profoundly interesting writer

  15. Profoundly religious man

  16. Profusely illustrated book

  17. Properly designed structure

  18. Purely academic journals

  19. Purely imaginative work

Adverbially Adjective Noun Phrases Index

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